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The Da Vinci's of Our Time

To kick off GTC (GTC21 to be exact), NVIDIA's annual technology conference, CEO Jensen Huang presented an inspiring keynote comprised of advancements in computing solutions that demonstrate why his company leads the way forward amongst all its peers. From a grand vision of the "omniverse" of digital twins, to specialized DPU processors, to CPUs purpose-built for AI applications, to hardware accelerated "zero trust" security models, Huang confidently presented how NVIDIA's technology platforms enable industry solutions, accelerating us into the future. In watching the approximately 1-1/2 hour presentation, I found myself captivated by the examples of technology "in motion" - but most of all, I was inspired by his concluding remarks about why NVIDIA does what it does as a company. It's what I believe great organizations are meant to do in supporting the advancement of new technology solutions.


"Our purpose is to advance our craft, so that you, the Da Vinci's of our time can advance yours. Ultimately, NVIDIA's an instrument - an instrument for you to do your life's work." - Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA


Our philosophy at Yoo and Co. Accelerators is aligned with this purpose - to enable founders to become the next great innovators and entrepreneurs, with us as a springboard to support that success. We bring expertise in starting new ventures in the healthcare & life sciences and new technology domains, and we help guide entrepreneurs to the partners that can provide enabling platforms for startups to differentiate and succeed. We can't wait to see what the Da Vinci's of our time invent for our future!

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