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About Our Founder

Chris Yoo, Ph.D.

Chris has over 25 years of experience in advancing cutting-edge biomedical information technology in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.  As a serial entrepreneur, Chris has created value in new companies that accelerate the adoption of smarter, technology-based systems such as cognitive computing, big data analytics, and systems engineering. He is a co-founder, director, and CTO of Systems Oncology, LLC, an Arizona-based oncology biotechnology company.  Chris also co-founded and was Chairman & CEO of Systems Imagination, Inc., a pioneer in advanced cognitive computing technology and artificial intelligence methodologies.  He has founded and successfully engineered the exit of several startups including MedTrust Online, the world’s first and largest online community of cancer doctors, Golden Gateway Partners, a leading trans-Pacific technology consulting company, TransMed Partners, the first boutique consultancy for translational medicine, and LabBook, the first electronic laboratory notebook for biomedical researchers. As CEO of Yoo and Company, Chris continues to drive the adoption of transformative technologies through angel investment in and acceleration of new ventures, working arm-in-arm with the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.


Chris is Faculty Associate in Department of Biomedical Informatics & Biomedical Diagnostics in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University. He is a recipient of the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Cancer Research Award for his postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley, and he received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Yale University.

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About Our Business

Solutions for Success

Yoo and Company is a specialized consulting company focused on helping clients commercialize innovations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences market.  Transformation of business processes by disruptive technology is rarely predictable and often results in lack of clarity and prompt decision making.  Yoo and Company was founded to accelerate the rate of technology adoption by focusing our services on guiding our clients through their digital journeys.  We build trust for our clients in new technologies by deeply understanding the impact of rapid change on our clients' businesses.

To keep up with how fast technology changes, Yoo and Company constantly strives to work with the widest range of clients—from entrepreneurs obsessed with their "one thing", to large, multinational corporations and traditional academic institutions, to non-profit professional societies and exciting nascent organizations with novel business models.  The team we have brought together represent Ph.D., J.D., and M.B.A. –level experts with hands-on experience developing concepts and initiatives into market solutions. 

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