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Yoo & Co. Accelerators brings together a team dedicated to execution.  Our mission is to help founders build great startups that transform the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry with disruptive technology. We ourselves are entrepreneurs, rarely satisfied with the status quo, and always looking to provide those key, often-underappreciated resources to help boost the chances for a startup's success.  Our focus is on new ventures that can thrive at the intersection of technology, health, and novel research. It's not surprising then that our team, our advisors, and our mentors and partners represent the strength of that interdisciplinary focus.  Bottom line, we roll-up-the-sleeves to help founders create value in new ventures.

The Core Team

Chris Yoo, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

As Instigator-in-Chief, Chris' job is to inspire those around him to believe in their own visions of success. [more...]


Hannah Vice, Esq.*

General Counsel & Director of Corporate Development

As Legal Ninja & Reality-Maker, Hannah's job is to blaze the path through the toughest agreements. [more...]

*In House AZ, NY, & DC


Joshua Hsu


As Voice of the Founder, Josh's job is to ensure what the we do is always valuable and effective for startups. [more...]

Jordon Headshot.jpg

Jordon Vice

Business Development Intern

A California native, Jordon is focused on helping us develop marketing strategies and client projects through his Management Science expertise.


Yvette Ferreira

Director of Market Development

As Keeper of the Corporate Conscience, Yvette's job is to make sure what we say is what we do. [more...]


Chance Marostica

Business Analyst

As the Company's KonMari Evangelist, Chance's job is to enlighten entrepreneurs with digital efficiency. [more...]


Dylan Sawyer

Business Analyst Intern

As one of our first Interns, Dylan works with Hannah and the team to research and evaluate new business opportunities for us.

Jonah Headshot.heic

Jonah Bryan

Business Development Intern

Coming to us from UC San Diego, Jonah works on digital marketing and client projects using his background in Cognitive Science and UI/UX design. 


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