Josh Hsu
The Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur

What Gets Me Excited About Yoo&Co Accelerators?


Freedom- I get to fully explore any aspect of my new venture without restriction.

Collaboration- I can share what I have learned with other startup founders.

Continuous Learning- With every opportunity to learn from others, I continue to develop my own skills.

Community- There is great value in having the support structure of the accelerator and others like me in one place.


Who is the Man Behind the Photo? A Snapshot:


Josh is a local ASU student turned entrepreneur. He currently serves as a Co-founder & CEO of Introhm, a startup helping personal trainers scale their remote training capabilities. Introhm is applying unique technology through a full-body motion capture sensor system embedded into the fabric of everyday athletic clothing.


Fun fact:


Josh grew up in a kitchen, so he knows how to handle sharp knives, heavy pans, and high heat fires.

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