Chris Yoo, Ph.D.

What got me started in all this:


When it comes to startups, the most difficult thing for me to do is to be a spectator.  I realized throughout my career that I had a knack for translating "mission statements" into actionable strategies.  I am happiest when I can embrace the uncertainty of new ventures and create value at the earliest stages of growth.  As other entrepreneurs embark on their journeys, I get the most satisfaction knowing that their paths to success started with Yoo and Co. Accelerators.

What gets me interested:

Anything "DIY"- I am constantly surprised and delighted by the ingenuity of individuals solving their own particular problem, and spreading that knowledge to others.

Unorthodox thinking- Ridicule is just the beginning.  Most entrepreneurs start this way.


Scientific advancement- Yes, I still get Science magazine and do read articles (sometimes).


What I enjoy when I'm not focused on Yoo & Co. Accelerators:

Listening to audiobooks at maximum speed- the faster, the better, in my opinion.


Understanding recently domesticated canines- check out Dmitry Belyayev's experiment with silver foxes.

Traveling with family- nothing better than suffering long trips, together.

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